Round lifting slings

Round Slings are manufactured to EN 1492-2 and have a safety factor of 7:1. They are comfortable to handle, convenient to store and can be connected to the load and lifting device with ease. The load-bearing high polyester yarn is well-protected in its webbing cover and does not come in direct contact with any external elements.

Tubular Round Slings (TRS)

They are manufactured on the state-of-the-art Round Sling Winding Machine. They are widely sold and extensively used all over Europe. Slings made on this machine are more compact as the winding of the yarn is uniform and the tension on each yarn is constant. TRS are manufactured from 1 Ton to 10 Tons with a maximum effective working length of 10 meters. TRS use seamless polyester cover; the colour of which indicates the SWL/WLL. The number of black lines also denote the SWL/WLL of the sling.

According to EN 1492-2, Safety factor 7:1
SWL/WLL Width Color SWL/WLL in kg at different modes
1 T 44 mm Violet 1000 2000 1400 800 1000
2 T 46 mm Green 2000 4000 2800 1600 2000
3 T 60 mm Yellow 3000 6000 4200 2400 3000
4 T 67 mm Grey 4000 8000 5600 3200 4000
5 T 78 mm Red 5000 10000 7000 4000 5000
6 T 83 mm Brown 6000 12000 8400 4800 6000
8 T 95 mm Blue 8000 16000 11200 6400 8000
10 T 112 mm Orange 10000 20000 14000 8000 10000

Side-stitched Round Slings, Safety factor 7:1

Special size round slings with very high capacity or extraordinary length are manufactured manually using high tenacity polyester yarns. Damaged webbing cover can also be re-stitched, giving a new life to the sling. Round slings up to 40 Tons are according to EN 1492-2. Round slings up to 150 Tons and to any length can be produced according to customer's request.

  1. Individual certificates provided with every Sling.

  2. All slings can be provided with polyester protective sleeve of any length. Two types of sleeves.

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